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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Little Taste of Persia

Mr. Madley and I had a delightful dinner last Saturday night at Moti -- a Persian Mediterranean restaurant in Amherst.  I had first tasted their goods at Taste of Amherst last June in the form of a lamb gyro and immediately fell in love.  I had the same thing Saturday night -- seasoned lamb and fresh vegetables in a creamy tzatziki sauce all wrapped up in a thick pita and served with potato strings (like fries only lots thinner) -- super delicious; Mr. Madley enjoyed a lamb kabob with rice and veggies.  With its warm and inviting atmosphere, and its menu of wraps, platters, soups, salads, vegetarian fare, specialty rices, kabobs, and very tempting appetizers, I think Moti may become one of our new favourite spots.  Plus, it can definitely be counted in my "cheap eats" list (which I blogged about a year ago but desperately need to update) (and it's just down the street from Captain Candy, which we happily visited after dinner).
See Moti's menu at their website.


Velosopher said...

The lamb was extremely delicious!

Jenny said...

mmmm....looks yummy. Thanks for sharing, I think I need to try it myself.