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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Forced Leave of Absence

I regret to say that MadleyHadley will take a bit of a hiatus until my crashed computer is up and running again.  Please take the time you would otherwise spend on MadleyHadley and back up your computers.
Thank you!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Endangered Hadley Park

Town officials are considering selling Zatyrka Park (on the corner of Breckenridge and Huntington) in order to make money for a new community center.
Read the article from the Gazette here:

I used a picture of that park for the Hadley Heritage "Entrusting the Commons" project for the theme "Endangered."  Looks like I was more right than I knew....

The proposal to sell the park might end up on the spring Town Meeting warrant.  What do you think?  Share your thoughts with other MH readers by posting a comment below.

Flowering Season

It is the first day of spring.  Perhaps you've noticed a change in the weather....
Last year I planted my first few crocuses; yesterday, the first one began to bloom.
Yesterday there was one, today there are three, all fully in bloom.  Perhaps tomorrow a purple one will pop its head out of the ground.  And this fall, I will plant more.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


A significant amount of time has passed since my last two somewhat wimpy posts.  I blame it on my kitchen.  You see, I am trying to renovate my kitchen, and in order to save a little money, I'm trying to do a lot of it myself.  So the minute I get home from work, I'm donning the mask and goggles and revving up my power tools to set to work.  Needless to say, a lot of things that need getting done are not getting done.  (Hopefully, tomorrow I'll make it to the dump before our recycling devours the garage.)

Nevertheless, I would be sadly a miss if I didn't write this post before another day in March passes us by.
It's membership month at the library -- have you become a friend yet (or even better -- a best friend forever)?
The Friends of the Goodwin Memorial Library is an organization dedicated to enhancing the Goodwin Memorial Library through fundraising, campaigning, and providing resources.  Whether you want to take an active role in those things or just want to donate financially to the library, becoming a Friend is the way to go.  Becoming a friend requires a tax-deductible contribution in the amount of your choice.  Donation forms are available at the library.
One small reminder: if you signed up to become a friend in a past year, now is the time to renew that membership!  (It's an annual contribution.)

And while I'm on the topic of libraries, do you have one of these yet?

If you don't, it's a good time to get one.  The library offers access to the entire CWMARS catalog (including ebooks), research databases, free wireless internet, bestselling books and videos, newspaper and magazines, a book club and knitting group, a local history collection, art exhibits, and more.  Become a friend of the library this month, and while you're at it, get a library card, too.

Also during the month of March at the library:
  • the Hadley Heritage photography show being exhibited; postcards from 4 of the shows photographs for sale with proceeds going to the library through the Friends group
  • a raffle for a lovely Gardenscapes gift basket that includes 1-hour of garden consulting, seeds, candles, a book of flowers, a garden gnome, jam, and more; $1 per chance
  • Tea with a Friend: cookies and tea provided by members of the Friends every Tuesday from 3-4

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hadley Buildings -- To-Do

This article, Other Jobs on the Hadley To-Do List, was posted in the Gazette yesterday online (but dated tomorrow for print).  Take a look at the recommended repairs for our town buildings.