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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eating: 2<$20

In trying to economize, Mr. Madley and I came up with a list of restaurants where we can eat for under $20 -- both of us.  If you've ever tried it, it's not necessarily easy to do, but at most of these restaurants it's fairly easy to find a good variety of dishes that 2 can eat for under $20 (desserts and drinks excluded -- water is free, tip is variable).
PS -- we're a gluten-free, dairy-free group, so that cuts out most pizza & sub places....

Mi Tierra (Mexican, Hadley)
Miss Saigon (Vietnamese, Amherst)
Thai Corner (Thai, Amherst)
Whole Foods (Hot & Salad Bar, Hadley)
Local Burger (Burgers, Northampton)
La Vera Cruzana (Mexican, Amherst & Northampton)
Rt 9 Diner (Diner, Hadley)
Hillside Pizza (Pizza, Hadley)
Amanouz (Mediterranean, Northampton)

Do you know of another good local restaurant where 2 can eat for under $20?  Please share!


Anonymous said...

Check out Mango Mango and Fresh Side in Amherst Ma. Both have gluten free menus that are excellent.

Michele said...

What did you get that was gluten free? Do they have a separate menu? Thanks

emily said...

Hi Michele~
Are you asking about Mango Mango and Fresh Side in particular, or the restaurants on the list?
Mi Tierra and La Vera Cruzana have a large selection of gluten free, b/c they have corn tortillas and corn massa. At Local Burger, we request a no-bun burger. Hillside Pizza has a whole gluten-free sandwich and pizza menu, which is pretty awesome. I can go into further details on the list, if you'd like!