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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

School Closings & More

In my Livin' in the Belch blog, this was one of the most popular pages, so I thought I'd copy & edit it for MH.

Most of you probably have cable television or local stations and can tune in to find out about school closings. Others of you may be on the phone-tree list and and will get a call on mornings when school is canceled or delayed. However, for the rest of you, and for anyone who would rather find the closings online and read through them more quickly than the scroll at the bottom of the news channel, check out these two websites for area school closings:

WWLP 22 News
100.9 WRNX

These links are also good for town programs, libraries, churches, community centers, parking bans, and other such things.  Look as soon as you wish -- there are already closings in anticipation of tomorrow's predicted storm.

1 comment:

katie kate. said...

i miss the anticipation of turning on the radio and waiting for the school list of closings to be read off.