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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Storm of 2011

The storm of January 2011 hit on Wednesday -- schools were out, banks closed, businesses shut down, and plows were kept busy.  If you were in the area, there was no way to miss it.  Mr. Madley and I spent 2+ hours hand-shoveling the deep snow in our driveway -- and that was a lot of work -- two shifts worth, in fact.  But it was (is) beautiful (just look at those bottom two pictures, if you don't believe me).

When we started shoveling, shortly after 11 Wednesday morning, our yardstick read 21 inches.  It continued snowing until mid-afternoon.
Taken from the garage door, looking out over the driveway that needed shoveling. 
Starting the shoveling.

A picture from the back door.  It doesn't quite capture the depth of the snow back there, but almost.

The following morning, the sun rose bright and strong. It eventually warmed the bird feeder enough that its cap fell off.



Joe said...

Part of me--the part that isn't all that into shoveling--is really jealous. We haven't had a good snow this year.

katie kate. said...

we haven't had any snow (no surprise) and only a sprinkling at home for christmas. would you mind if i moved into your basement? i miss the beauties of snow. it really is quite magnificent.

emily said...

Joe~ This was definitely a good snow. If I sled a sled, it would be even better!

Katie~ You wouldn't want to live in our basement (trust me on that), but we have a guest room....

Kim said...

I don't envy the shoveling (That's where my dad and his tractor come in handy here) but there is something nice about getting dumped on. It's beautiful!