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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hadley Heritage in Photos

Back in the autumn, an Amherst graduate student with a particular admiration for Hadley began the first piece of her PhotoVoice Project: Hadley's Heritage.  She rounded up a small group of photographers, gave them photo prompts, and sent them out into Hadley each week to photograph their images of those prompts.  You can see the beautiful results (and read more about it) at
Those photos were followed up by conversations about Hadley's heritage, in response to the photos, and those conversations will eventually be included as part of the project.  In a couple of months, there will be public exhibits and even the opportunity to add your own photos.  Start looking through your photos -- how do you see Hadley's heritage?  (I know there are some key Hadley locations that I would like to see added to the project, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity of submitting a few more of my own photos.)  Enjoy!

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