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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Alexandra Dawson: Tree of the Community

I was saddened to read on MassLive an article on the death of Alexandra Dawson last Friday.  Mr. Madley and I have only been part of town a short time, and we had not yet had to opportunity to meet her (we definitely wanted to), but her name was already famous around our dinner table.  When thinking of her today, the phrase "pillar of the community" came to mind; but, in view of her neverending work on conservation, "tree of the community" sounded just a little more appropriate.  Alexandra chaired the Conservation Committee in town, and it was always her we waited to hear from at Town Meeting when discussing home building or the conservation of farmland-- her insightful comments served with a bit of wit -- something to make you chuckle *and* think.  She was one of Hadley's treasures, and I know I am not the only one who will miss her and her smart, feisty presence and her important work.

According to the article, a memorial service is in the works, probably to be held in the spring.

For more information on her life, see the MassLive article.  I'll try to keep my eyes open for any other articles that may arise in the next couple of weeks and add them here.

A comment from the Conservation Law Foundation (what is this "ghastly" municipal development she was fighting? -- perhaps we should rally).
From GazetteNet: Alexandra Dawson
From GazetteNet: Alexandra Dawson, Called Conservation Giant...

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