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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Turkey Crossing

Rocky Hill Road residents have started a "slow down, save the turkeys" campaign.  If you've driven, walked, or ridden up Rocky Hill Road recently, you may have noticed the signs:

(Click on pictures to get a fuller view of the signs.)

I think the message is pretty clear -- slow down on Rocky Hill -- and always be on the lookout for kids, pets, and turkeys (and cyclists).  And it's a worthwhile message.  I know people zip up and down that road, and I have frequently seen this local flock of turkeys feeding on someone's front lawn, one member of which I recently saw dead along the side of the road. 
Please -- be mindful, be cognizant, be considerate.  Help keep our children, our friends, our pets, and our local wildlife alive and safe.
5/18: If you've driven on Rocky Hill recently, you may have noticed that the "turkey" signs are missing. Nick Grabbe reports in today's Daily Hampshire Gazette that the signs were vandalized last week and that Police Chief Hukowicz is ordering and paying for two replacement "turkey crossing" signs.

5/20: Here's the article about the Police Chief replacing the signs:


Joseph Center said...

I should put up a sign like that in front of our time-out spot at home.

kris said...

If I traveled Rocky Hill, I would slow down - even for turkeys.

emily said...

More on the turkey sign saga: