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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring has Returned from a Long Winter's Rest

Spring has been late in coming to our house this year -- last year at this time, blossoms had already been on the apple trees for a couple of weeks, the viburnum and lilacs were thick with blooms, and young plants were much further out of the ground.  But this week has finally brought the warmth and rain and sun needed for spring blooms and growth.  Every day (at least twice), I walk the perimeter of the house and notice new shoots that have appeared from the earth and fresh colours that have opened to the sky and new leaves that have unfurled.
Spring has returned from its long winter's rest, and it feels, smells, and looks wonderful!
(For a clearer, larger image, click on the picture.)
Violets decorating the lawn.
The ostrich fern unfurls.
Vinca blooms blue.
More fern unfurling.
A lone grape hyacinth.
A single narcissus.
A cluster of vinca.
The forsythia sunshine.
Happy May Day -- it's sure to be a glorious month!

PS -- the birds have also decided it's spring -- the catbirds are back!

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