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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Books @ the East Street Studios

A few weeks ago Mr. Madley and I finally made our way to the East Street Studios one afternoon to check out the used bookstore Grey Matter Books.  What we discovered while we were there was much more than just a store with used books.
Two bookstores inhabit adjoining space at the back of the East Street Studios buildings; their names don't show up on the main signs for the space (we'll explore those later), but they do have their own signs pointing the way.
An unassuming sign for a wonderful little used book & record store.

Mountains and hills and valleys of books (and records), waiting to be picked up, paged through, and possibly even read on one of those chairs or couches just begging to be sat in.

In the space adjoining, through a naturally open doorway, is Troubadour Books.  (I hear tell that there is another Troubadour Books in Hatfield -- a branch or the main -- but I have not gone out of my way to verify its current existence.)

Two bookstores, one basement, about a million books -- fiction, classic, science fiction, first edition, children's, academic, foreign language, vintage, philosophic, bestseller, obscure, art, comic, and more.  One who likes books, or any subject written of in the pages of books, could easily wile away an afternoon (or even a day) roaming the stacks and getting lost in the pages.
Looking for even more in used books?  If you're willing to take a little drive, you can also visit The Bookmill.


Jill Kaufman said...

Hello -- really enjoyed tripping across your blog today. Just trying to find out more about who you are.I'm a relative newcomer to Hadley (6 years and counting) a parent of children in the school,, and total fan of this remarkable and sometimes confounding little town. I'm Jill Kaufman - and in addition to all those things, I work over at the local pub radio station. Enjoy Asparagus Season, and it's just a matter of moments til' those Strawberries ripen.

emily said...

Hi Jill! Thanks for commenting -- and sorry it's taken so long for me to respond. I'm glad you discovered and enjoy the blog. I couldn't find a better way to respond, so I thought I'd just respond to your comment here and see if you get the follow-up. We are definitely Hadley newbies, moving in just over a year ago, but we are big fans and absolutely love living here -- every time I drive across the town line into Hadly, I get a lovely sense of being home.
If you would like more, feel free to drop another comment with some contact info -- I won't publish it -- I'll just use it.
The strawberries are here -- enjoy1

Anonymous said...

Troubadour closed its Hatfield shop (small house, really) and moved to Hadley.