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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Welcoming in the New Year!

I regret that a sticky winter bug has kept me from compiling a decent list of things to do in the Valley for the New Year's celebration.  Nevertheless, I have taken a few minutes to compile a shortlist:

One obvious option is Northampton's First Night Celebration.  I have not yet taken to the cold frosty streets to enjoy First Night festivities, but this poster by Brooke Dyer is so charming and reminiscent of childhood imaginations that I nearly feel inclined to try it out this year.

Many restaurants are featuring special New Year's Eve dinners, and many of the local stores are sponsoring New Year's Eve celebrations for families, kids, and/or adults.  (See The Blue Heron in Sunderland and Chandlers in South Deerfield.)

If staying out late on New Year's Eve isn't your thing, try for something on New Year's Day.  At my parents' house, New Year's Day is a day of football and taking down Christmas decorations and finishing off the Christmas cookies, but there are so many other options.  One of these is Duke Ellington's Nutcracker at the Cultural Center at Eagle Hill (this may be a bit of a trek, but the venue is worth it -- and what could be more fun than Ellington to welcome in the new year?).

Happy New Year!

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Laraine said...

Happy New Year - I hope you feel better soon.