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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aldi's is Almost Here

The other day while running errands, I noticed that the Aldi store in the Home Depot lot is almost complete.  And then upon returning home that very afternoon I received a postcard with coupons in the mail announcing that the store would open December 13.  That's next week.  Wow.  I remember when they were just breaking ground -- it wasn't that long ago.

I've never been to an Aldi store, though my parents have.  They use Aldi products to stock the shelves their food storage.  They love the canned chicken, and one year for Christmas they gave me a case of Aldi's canned cherry pie filling.  (Yes, it was a good gift -- I truly love cherry pie filling.)  And so, in light of the cherry pie filling, I admit I'm the slightest bit excited. 
But a little disappointed, too -- another big chain store in our lovely little Hadley town.  Another mass of of lights on Rt 9.  Another draw for traffic.  Another big chain store.


Joe said...

Angie and I wish we had an Aldi out here. We were regular patrons of the Aldi in Saginaw, and we miss it.

The deals are great, and it's not just on food. They get pretty random stuff in there sometimes on consignment--like Big Lots. We got an air mattress there once.

Laraine said...

We have one now in Milford. So far I'm underwhelmed, but will give it another try.