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Friday, December 17, 2010

Trees from Zaskeys

Time for picking out a Christmas tree is drawing to a close, but there still may be a few of you out there lacking that particular bit of cheer in the corner of your living room.  If such happens to be the case, you may want to make a trip to the Zaskey Christmas Tree Farm on Mt Warner Road.

Mr Madley and I visited the Christmas Tree Farm last Saturday -- our first outing to a tree farm for our first Christmas tree in our new home in Hadley.   I had picked out a number of trees from the road, after walking past the farm several times, but there were plenty of trees available.  We spent a little while roaming through the pines (it smelled so good!) and finally settled on a Fraser Fir of 5.5 feet or so.  One of the employees/cousins (it's a family farm) had it down in about 30 seconds; then he trimmed the bottom flat and snipped off a few stray branches.  We got the whole thing for under $30 -- a fantastic price for a fantastic fresh tree and impeccable service.  Friendly folks, festive trees (and wreathes). (Prices are posted on their website.)

What I learned from this experience -- Christmas trees grow about a foot a year -- and Zaskeys have acres and acres of new baby trees getting their growth in for future Christmases.  I also learned that I love picking out a fresh-cut tree from just down the road and bringing it home. (My cat loves it, too.....)

Our tree now sits in the corner of our living room, all decorated with white lights and a variety of ornaments.  It makes me happy.

Happy Holidays!



Joe said...

That is a gorgeous tree. I'm jealous. This is our first year without a real one, and it's kind of sad. If this is possible: that tree looks like it must smell fantastic.

emily said...

It is quite a lovely little tree. Makes our living room a merrier. We like to plug in the lights and light the fire and just sit on the couch. Would love to share it with you.

katie kate. said...

i see a lot of ornaments that look familiar. yes, it's a grand tree. and like joe said: it does look like it must smell fantastic.

p.s. i love the nickname mr. madley. :-)