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Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Recipe for a Happy Holiday

For me, the holiday begins today, with a vacation that stretches into the New Year.  I am very thankful for a little downtime during this season. 
I have a standard recipe for happy holiday vacations.  As the years pass it gets refined, and I don't always have access to all the ingredients every year.  Nevertheless, here it is:

My Recipe for a Happy Holiday

1 Gingerbread with Hot Orange Sauce
4 dozen Grandma's Norwegian Krumkaker
1 Box G&G's Homemade Flatbread
1 Fireplace for Multiple Fires
1 Collection of Classic Movies
1 Large Pot Clam Chowder (sometimes replaced with Beef Stew)

1 Large Stack of Books; holiday reading must include one or more of the following:
1 Frosting of Snow to cover the ground
Blankets & slippers & wool socks (as needed)
1 or more Dear Ones (these may include but are not limited to spouse, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, cats, dogs)
3-7 Days Away from Work
Birds at Outdoor Bird Feeders

There are, of course, other little things that help make the holidays special and relaxing -- all those little decorations and traditions.  What is your happy holiday recipe?

1 comment:

katie kate. said...

i could easily say "ditto" to your entire list.

merry christmas!
wish you were coming home.