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Friday, May 2, 2014

Saga of the Oven, pt 3

The purchase of a countertop oven allowed for a little more research and decision-making time before making the big-oven purchase, and in February we ripped the old oven out of the wall and set a small countertop oven in the hole.  I selected the Hamilton Beach 31103; it had fairly good reviews and came with not only a convection option, but also with a rotisserie option -- plus, it had a nice, roomy interior -- big enough for some real baking.

In this little oven, I managed to make nearly all the dishes I baked in the old oven; the only real problem was its size -- I could bake in it, but it wasn't big enough for a 3-course meal for three.  However, I did put it through its paces:

The HB worked well for us and gave me a little extra time to find the right oven.


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kris said...

So even the oven becomes a story