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Monday, February 11, 2013

Twenty Thousand Inches of Nemo

I decided to post just a few pictures after all, before we lose all the images to rain and melting.

I'm not sure what the final snowfall count was.  A yardstick in our front yard measured 19 inches, but drifts were much deeper.  The shallowest snow I could find in the back yard still came over my knee-high boots, and out on the field next door, snow was thigh-high.

I love how the sun plays shadows across the snow.  Beautiful.



kris said...

Am I nuts to be jealous? One storm like this per winter would be awesome (as long as you get to keep your power, of course).

emily said...

Yes, the keeping of electricity is VERY important.... But it's not so bad to have a snowy day at home.