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Sunday, February 10, 2013

This Nemo Was Not a Little Clown Fish

I suppose I should post a little storm stuff, even though I haven't yet been outside (stuck inside with the flu this week).  Therefore, everything you see here is seen through windows.  The videos show the gusty blowing snow, not during the gustiest part of the storm (Saturday morning, in fact), and some of the big machinery that came down our street (I am feeling grateful to still have an upright mailbox).
I'm skipping the before and after pictures for now, though getting some pics of the huge snow piles lining streets and driveways would be somewhat impressive.  (A BIG thanks to the Hadley DPW for working so hard and keeping our streets clear -- we appreciate it!  Also, thanks for the phone updates on the storm and the driving bans.)
I know they say there hasn't been a storm like this since 1978, but I think that is more true for Boston and the coast than for us; I could swear there was a storm here recently that gave us this much snow, though perhaps not as much wind.  Plus, this time we got to keep our electricity.
Get out and enjoy -- ski, sled, make snow angels.  Tomorrow we get rain and ice....

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