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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Neighbours

Our local turkey family came calling yesterday afternoon -- mama, papa, and six little ones.  They spent some time picking through the back yard, visiting the garden fence, and dining around the bird feeder.
(Photos taken through my old dirty windows are usually less than satisfactory, but you get the general idea.)

It was so fun watching them hang out at our house, taking advantage of our hospitality.  Made my day!


Laraine said...

Turkeys have become a menace in Holliston. They stand in the middle of the road and glare at you and don't move. Donn was dive-bombed by one yesterday when it flew out of a tree at him as he was driving his convertible with the top down! Luckily it missed him.

emily said...

Yikes! They've practically become the town bird of Hadley -- with turkey crossing signs on the roads and everything. I get a kick out of watching them parade in the mornings before work.
Glad the turkey missed Donn!

Laraine said...

I have a vision of him driving into the driveway with an unwanted passenger in the front seat!