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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chilly Day, Warm Bread

What does one do on a chilly, rainy Saturday when the plan was to enjoy the great outdoors?
Bake bread, of course!

Today was my first try at making wheat-berry bread -- whole wheat, graham, flax, oat bran, and red winter wheat berries, with local milk and honey, also.  So so good!  (Isn't it beautiful?)

And so Mr Madley wouldn't feel left out, I also baked him homemade gluten-free bread.  Turned out quite nicely.  I'm still trying to perfect this recipe, but it gets better each time I make it.
If you have any interest in fresh and local bread or grains, Wheatberry offers a heritage grain CSA that sounds marvelous!  Check out the information on their CSA site.  They offer whole grains of wheat, corn, spelt, beans, and oats, and even have a grinder you can use if you don't have one of your own.


katie kate. said...

mmm those loaves look tasty. how well do you think they'd travel? ;-)

emily said...

They were definitely delicious. Can't wait to make more. As for the traveling, well.... I know the recipe would travel great! :-)