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Monday, April 16, 2012

Coming Back Soon

I am pleased to announce that the forced leave of absence will soon be coming to an end -- thanks to the upcoming arrival of a new computer.  Much has transpired over these past few weeks, and I've been feeling fairly neglectful: the new Firestone construction is being built up on the Home Depot property, Mr Madley and I saw (what we think was) a coyote in our backyard at dusk one evening, there's a new member of the school board committee (Humera Fasihuddin), the soft-serve creamery on Rt 47 is open for business, and there's an online petition to make the street in front of the elementary school an actual "school zone," the garden has been planted with early spring vegetables (snap peas, broccoli, kale, onions), and spring has sprung (though today it may feel more like summer) -- there's a lot going on!
I hope to be back in full swing by sometime next week.  Looking forward to "seeing" you all here again!  Happy Patriots Day!
(Don't forget that taxes are due to be filed by tomorrow.)

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