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Sunday, April 29, 2012


Asper: harsh, rough, rugged
Grass: something grown in a lawn around the dandelions and violets
Asper-grass*: rough grass found in a garden patch

You may be seeing the signs pop up around town: $3.50/bunch, Grass -- $4.00; it's asparagus season in the Valley! That rough, green, fibrous, Hadley grass is once again decorating local fields and gardens, being presented at roadside farm stands on nearly every street, and being offered on dinner tables as a tasty, fresh, spring vegetable.

Growing up I was never a fan of asparagus, but living in Hadley has changed my mind; now I can't seem to get enough.  Roasted with shallots, olive oil, sea salt, and pepper, it makes a delicious side to nearly any dinner.  This week I'm going to try as a bed of vegetable puree under seared salmon.  And perhaps, if I get really brave, I'll try asparagus ribbons around an egg or asparagus spaghetti....  But Hadley Grass Soup sounds really good, too.
Don't miss out this season.  Local asper-grass is tasty and versatile.  Make sure to stop at one of those farm stands today and pick some up for dinner (or breakfast).

*Asper-grass is a made-up compound word, and as far as I can tell from looking in the Oxford English Dictionary, actually bears no relation to the real word "asparagus."

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kris said...

We are picking our own. Though not as hardy a crop as last year, yet.