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Friday, February 17, 2012

Sugaring Season has Arrived

On my way home from work this afternoon, coming up Rt 47, I was excited to see a group of guys tapping and bucketing sugar maples by the side of the road -- lots of metal buckets hanging from lots of trees.  When I arrived home and shared the news, Mr Madley said he had heard one of the Boisverts from the N. Hadley Sugar Shack on the radio this morning talking sugaring and syrup.  Therefore, I am most happy to announce that a visit to the North Hadley Sugar Shack website (which has a new look) shows that they are open for business (as of today)!  Breakfasts are being served and the store is open.  Don't miss your opportunity to have a home-style maple sugar shack breakfast and to pick up some of our delicious local maple syrup.
For more on the Sugar Shack, see last year's post: Hadley Maple Syrup -- good on everything!
Happy sugaring season!

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