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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Calendaring: Festivals, Fairs, Bazaars

Please check the calendar for the most recent information I have on holiday fairs, festivals, and bazaars!
I've noticed recently an increase of visits to last year's "Holiday Festivals and Bazaars" post.  Sadly, that information is now a bit out of date.  However, in its place is the Local Calendar (see the link to the right, just under Hadley Grass and Valley Ice Cream).  Information on the Local Calendar is regularly updated, and I make additions to it whenever I hear of something appropriate to add (or see the signs along the side of the road).  Included are holiday bazaars, craft fairs, autumn festivals, local Hadley events, and other events in neighbouring towns. 
Included on the calendar page is a link to submit local events (it reads like a comment box but submissions don't get posted until I've looked at them -- this is true for all comments on the blog) and a small collection of links wherein one can find other local activities. 
Coming soon (and already posted on the calendar) -- the chyrsathemum show, a fall craft fair, and the Twist Fair....

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