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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn Migrations

I love migration season -- when the geese fly overhead and different birds visit our yard for a day or two to feed before heading out again.  I thoroughly enjoy listening to Bird Songs on the River with Joan Holliday and Dan Ziomek from the Hadley Garden Center, as they feature the migratory birds.  And I love seeing unfamiliar birds while driving familiar routes.
On my way to work this week and last, there's been a visitor on Rt 47 south in the lows of the fields by the river:
According to my Sibley's, based on leg color, beak color, and neck length, it looks to be a great egret, either a juvenile or an adult during this nonbreeding season.  What a beauty.  Makes my day every afternoon to see it among the grasses and water.

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kris said...

We had a blue heron in the pond last Sunday and we are seeing more and more geese. Your egret it a handsome guy.