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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The End

Dear Reader:

Mr. Madley and I moved to Hadley six years ago, and in the time that has passed, we have grown to love our little town.  We have discovered many wonderful places and people, and hope that you, through this blog, have, too.
Now, sadly, it is time to bid you adieu and close the Madley Hadley blog.  But fear not!  I have a new set of blogging adventures at Toad in the Garlic.  I hope to see you there!


PS -- as a final piece of Hadley-related information, I encourage you to get to Town Meeting in May to vote to allow the library to apply for a construction grant and to vote for investigating new space for a senior center.  Both of these are important to the town, and the timing is as close to right as it can be.

The Town Meeting is on May 5.  (The warrant was posted in January, but the meeting has not made it onto the town's "upcoming meetings" calendar.)


Anonymous said...

Farewell and thank you so much for all the great postings! I will miss you! See you on your new blog :)
Linda Meehan

Laraine said...

I've enjoyed your blog. I will miss it...