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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Filos Greek Taverna

Filos.  It's a new Greek restaurant in downtown Northampton and where Mr. Madley and I enjoyed a delicious dinner this weekend.  You should definitely eat there.
Eating at Filos is like making a quick trip to Greece (or so I imagine) -- the food is wonderful, the atmosphere is festive, and the owners are friendly and talkative.

The restaurant specializes in the typical Greek foods -- gyros, brick-oven pizza, baklava -- all good stuff, in my opinion.  And, happily, the prices are extremely reasonable -- two people could easily eat for under $25, even without getting a pizza.  You can find their menu online, if you're curious or if you just like to decide ahead of time.

During our visit we learned that Filos does not just cater to the wheat-eaters among us, as one might think based on the menu offerings.  They have a variety of gluten-free options, both in their pizza(!) and their regular dinner platters; they'll even swap out the wrap around a gyro for rice, if you'd like.
Let me repeat that the food is simply fantastic.  Mr Madley enjoyed a pork souvlaki platter with a side of gigantes; four days later and he's still talking about how delicious the pork was.

I swooned over my gyro, and if I hadn't been so satisfied after eating it, I would have happily eaten another.  The baklava was huge -- it took me three meals to finish!

One of the most delightful parts of the Filos experience is talking to the owner.  He is very personable and loves to talk about his food, his restaurant, and this wonderful area where we all live.
If you're looking for a delicious quick meal in Northampton, stop by Filos and give it a try!

UPDATE 7/21/15: Mr. Madley tried one of their pizzas on their special gluten-free crust and raved over it.  If you eat gluten-free pizza, give this one a shot!

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