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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The New Year Arrived, the Last Year Gone

I have been feeling a bit guilty about not writing for so long, but with a new child in the house and the starting up again of school, I just couldn't force myself to sit at the computer and blog.  But now it's a new year, and at the very least I should recap a little of the last few months.

Scenes from the Kitchen Garden's ChiliFest:

My own harvest pictures (isn't that corn amazing?!)

All Hallow's:

And a few lovely autumnal scenes, graciously provided by Mr Madley:

I just love where we live -- isn't it a beautiful place?!

I feel I must make mention of the devastating fire that took out a plaza on Rt 9.  There has been much media coverage, and I hope you have taken the opportunity to donate to a relief fund.

And so the new year begins.  I have great plans for the garden and have already begun mapping it and looking through the seed catalog (hulless oats, hard soup beans, flour corn included in the anticipated plantings).  I plan on purchasing and raising a few chickens this spring, but in the meantime need to construct their coop.  I'm sure there will be plenty of information and pictures forthcoming on both of those pursuits.

Enjoy the snow that may be on the way, and keep yourselves warms in the upcoming arctic temps.
Happy New Year!


Linda Meehan said...

Welcome back! We've missed you! Sounds like you have a new baby? What fun! Happy New Year!

Laraine said...

Happy New Year, Em. You live in a lovely place!

emily said...

Thanks, both! Good to hear from you, Laraine. I wanted to make a trip in this year, but couldn't quite get it done. Hopefully, next summer.
Linda -- our new one is our foster son, affectionately referred to on the blog as Little Madley.