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Friday, July 26, 2013

Garden Update 2: Fruits of My Labours

Today I harvested the garlic I planted last October (or was it November?).  And they are beautiful.  I can't exactly remember if I planted 2 or 3 kinds last year.  At least one kind from the Garlic Fest and a generic grocery-store garlic, but I think I may have purchased 2 small bulbs from the Fest (they were remarkably expensive and I had very little cash that day).  After the success of my first planting, I am excited to purchase more garlic this year to try -- at least 3 bulbs!

Aren't they beautiful?  I wish I could remember the garlic varieties, but I will do better with that this year.  And, like so many things, there are hundreds of garlic varieties, though in American groceries, there is usually only one type offered.  I'm glad to have the option of propagating and trying more varieties.  (This is where I plug supporting local farmers and heirloom seed suppliers.)

I also was able to pick my first tomatoes this afternoon.  Three small currant tomatoes and two yellow pear.  Gorgeous and delicious.  Mister Madley, Little Madley, and I downed the five within seconds and marveled at their sweetness.
Such colour!  Such shine!  Such form!  I eagerly anticipate the ripening of more tomatoes.  If all the fruits on the vine ripen, we should have quite a happy harvest, even if the majority of them are tiny.

One of my cocozelle plants, sadly, took on some rot and passed it on to each of its young ones, so I had to rip it out.  At the same time, I transplanted one of the other cocozelle to another part of the garden and am hoping it will take root and produce happier squash.  For someone who had 4 plants (now only 3), I have picked surprisingly few cocozelle squash.


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