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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Bear Necessities

The other night, as we were settling in to watch an evening movie, we heard a rattling at what we thought was the garage door.  Thinking that perhaps the cat was in the garage and wanted back in the house, I walked into the kitchen.  I glanced around and there, at the kitchen window, was a black bear.  He was very intent in swatting down the birdfeeder that suctions to the window in order to get at the black oil sunflower seeds inside.  He did indeed get that birdfeeder, as well as the one hanging in the lilac bush, before Mr. Madley was able to scare him away with only a wooden spoon and a pot.
It was amazing.  I haven't seen a bear in the "wild" before, and I was fairly excited.  I was also pleased when I discovered the next day that neither of the feeders were ruined.  I'm still rather in awe. (The pictures didn't turn out well, since they were taken at night through glass.)

Let this be a warning -- the bears are awake -- and they are hungry.

This bear was seen in the Rocky Hill Road / Highland Circle / Huntington Road area.

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Velosopher said...

It was bloody and drawn out, but in the end, he retreated and I didn't.