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Sunday, May 20, 2012

C/WMARS Library Catalog Migration

There are some big changes coming to the online library catalog Memorial Day Weekend -- namely, a whole new catalog system.  If you use the current online catalog system to make requests, build wishlists, or track your reading, there are some things you're going to need to do before the migration to the new catalog is complete.  If your reading history and wishlists are as important to you as mine are to me, be sure to export them and then save them to your computer or email them to yourself -- these lists will not be converting with the new system.  Exporting your lists is easy to do:
  1. log in to your account
  2. go to your reading history or wishlist (select one list if you have multiples), 
  3. click on the "export list" button,
  4. select "full display" or "brief display" at the top of the page (I recommend "brief"),
  5. then enter your email address if you wish to email it to yourself or click in the "screen" button if you simply wish to save it,
  6. and finally, click "submit."
For more information about the new catalog system, visit the C/WMARS website -- there are other changes you may be interested in finding out about (like the fact that your PIN will change...).

Enjoy!  I look forward to seeing how the new system operates.
Looking for more information about the Hadley public library?  Check out their NEW website.

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