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Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Hiatus

Late autumn/early winter has been bumpy at the Madley household, and so the blog has had a brief break -- time to rest up during the darkest season of the year.  It will be back in the New Year, however, with restaurant reviews, local photos, and other things of interest -- all those things you expect from Madley Hadley.
In the meantime, enjoy looking at this pronunciation guide for Massachusetts town names.  Mr Madley came across it last night and was kind enough to forward it along to me.

Enjoy the holiday season -- take some time to rest and find peace.  See you again in the New Year!

(And if you have some time off, stop by the library to see their new selections of books, magazines, and movies.)


Anonymous said...

Happy holidays to you too! I've missed your posts and check each day though I rarely post. Thanks for all your hard work so we can enjoy the rewards. :)

Laraine said...

Hapy Holidays to you!

emily said...

Thank you, Laraine!
Thank you, Linda!
Thanks for the wishes -- and thanks for following!