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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Guardian Catbird

I like to take my cat out in the afternoons for a few minutes. He loves to roll around on the cement, eat grass, and take in the atmosphere.  His being outside, however, makes the birds very anxious, and there are generally quite a few who congregate in the nearby trees and bushes wailing out warnings to the other birds and small creatures in the vicinity.  The first to notice and take offense is one of our catbirds, who perches in the firebush and screeches and squawks until we both go back inside.
Just the other evening, the catbird was out in the bush with its youngster in tow -- a family outing to badger the resident cat (though young catbird didn't bother with the cat at all, preferring instead to dance through the branches of the bush).
Our guardian catbird.

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bill said...

I took my young cat birdhunting today. I baited an area with bread crumbs and tied my cat up a few feet away from the crumbs with a box for him to hide in. On at least two occassions, when a bird would start eating the crumbs, a grey catbird would swoop down from an over head tree limb and drive the bird away. It appeared that this one catbird had positioned itself to warn other birds of the presence of my cat. I do not recall it making a sound like a cat.