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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anniversary + a Week

One year and one week ago, I posted my first MadleyHadley post, featuring the 2010 Hadley Memorial Day Parade.  Since writing my first post a year ago, MH has had over 2000 pageviews, with the record two days being the day and day after the article was published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette, I've added 4 pages with useful (at least I think so) information, and have posted almost 70 posts.

This year, to celebrate the anniversary, I thought I would post a few pictures from the 2011 antique tractor show that happened on the same day as the parade.
There was a farmer's market, an ice cream truck (Scoops), a live band -- and Local Burger was there to provide the food (yummy burgers, great fries, though we didn't have any that day).  All in all, a happy Memorial Day weekend and one more brand-new experience for us in Hadley.
Happy June!

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Kim said...

Happy Anniversary! I love local burger and ice cream joints! YUM!