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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Library Joy

I discovered the greatest thing last week -- great, because I am a librarian and an avid library user and supporter, and because I've been waiting for this since we moved to Hadley.  Last week I discovered that the Hadley library, the Goodwin Memorial Library, has finally started circulating materials within the C/WMARS lending network.

I'm not even sure I can begin to explain how utterly wonderful this is.

I ashamedly admit that before last week I had not quite found the motivation to visit the library since moving to town.  I was keeping myself somewhat occupied and nearly content with using the Jones Library in Amherst, the Clapp Memorial Library in Belchertown, and the South Hadley Public Library.  However, what I really wanted was to take advantage of and support the Hadley library, my local public library, but I request so many books online that it just didn't seem entirely worthwhile, since they weren't completely networked yet.

Then last week, on a whim, I checked the system catalog to see if I could find and order a particular book.  And there it was, in the drop-down menu listing the options of library pickup locations -- Hadley!  I just about shouted for joy (and probably would have, had I not been in a library at the time).  Instead of shouting, I tried it with another book, just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating, and then I sent Mr Madley a highly enthusiastic email with my discovery.  Afterwards I searched around online to find out if there was any further information.  I found this on the library page:
Q. Is Hadley's library a member of the Central/Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing network (C/WMARS)?

A. Yes. Hadley has been a member for many years. As of January 25, 2011, Hadley began officially circulating within the system. This major accomplishment allows patrons with C/WMARS cards to order items from the comfort of their homes and have them delivered to Hadley or other convenient libraries.
I got very very VERY excited.
That same afternoon, Mr Madley and I made our first outing to the Goodwin Memorial Library to scope the place out and meet the librarians -- and hopefully leave with a few books.

What a beautiful little library, stuffed full of books and magazines, videos, and computers.  The children's area upstairs had a great collection, as did the young adult area downstairs (those were the only two areas I really paid attention to -- I was having WAY too much fun -- but I did hear very positive comments about the video collection and today I enjoyed perusing the new books table).  The downstairs/basement reminded me of the library I used to visit when I was a kid, so I felt right at home and very comfortable.
Fireplace reading room.
Young adult collection/basement.
It's very exciting to have Hadley as part of the C/WMARS lending network -- it means you can order any book within the Western Mass Regional System from any computer with internet access and have it delivered to the Hadley library for you to pick up -- just think how much that virtually expands the size of the library!  All those books, right at your fingertips!
Don't forget the programs the library has, too -- chess and knitting and poetry and story hour and more.  They have fliers at the library and programs are also listed online.  Plus there is parking and it's conveniently located.

So without further ado, get thee to the library!
But not on Sunday or Monday -- that's when it's closed.

(If you live in Hadley, you probably received a page with your motor vehicle excise bill about how to become a friend of the library.  Becoming a friend is a great way to support the library, and it doesn't even have to cost very much.  Plus, it's a phenomenal value for the money.)



Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,

I was happy to read your article in the Gazette about our Hadley library. We moved here a few years ago from a town south of Boston with a much bigger library and have been delighted to find so much great service and sense of community in our own Goodwin Memorial Library. Thank you for giving our library some well deserved recognition.

I am also happy to have discovered your blog and will be following your interesting posts.


Linda Meehan

emily said...

Thank you, Linda -- and welcome to the blog!
We recently came from just west of Boston and were part of a large library there; we appreciate what we have discovered here -- we certainly do have one fine library here in Hadley.

emily said...

The Library has a Facebook page:

Check it out for activities, events, and so on. Enjoy!