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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seasonal Scenes of Beauty: Winter

I know we're all completely tired of winter these days, snow piled everywhere higher and higher.  But we're in the middle of a February thaw, and I just loaded a new set of pictures from my camera, and by golly -- winter can be pretty!  (Click on the pictures for larger versions.)



Joseph Center said...

--and we've gotten pretty much nothing this year!

katie kate. said...

wow. your winter is beauuuutiful. that is truly what winter is supposed to look like.

the red of the barn against the optic white snow and blue sky is americana at its best.

lovely! thank you for sharing.

emily said...

Joe -- we've had so much, people feel like they've been buried... we'd be happy to share some.

Katie -- I love that last one, too -- the clouds were amazing that day, and I couldn't help but stop on my way home from work to snap a few pics.