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Sunday, October 3, 2010

What's Blooming

I spent much time working on the landscaping of our house this summer -- tearing out trees and bushes and planting.  Every time something grows or blooms, it's opportunity for celebration.  As of last week, here's what's growing / blooming in my garden.
(What's missing is the pink Dinnerplate Dahlia that has a huge bloom on it and multiple buds -- beautiful.   And the orange nasturtium, the red-berry holly, the orange chrysanthemums, the small yellow rose, the pink impatiens... even the hollyhock and helleborus have new leaves.)
Isn't Nature fabulous?!

Double Blanc Rugosa Rose

Dryopteris (Brilliance Autumn Fern)

Carpathian Harebell (Campenula)

Toad Lily plant

Toad Lily


Kristin said...

Awesome. And this late in the season. Can't wait to see your blooms.

Joe said...

Today I thought we were pretty lucky that some of our rose bushes were still blooming. This makes roses pretty boring. A toad lilly? Gnarly. Gnarly.

emily said...

Perhaps so, but your roses are magnificent.
Of course, the toad lily is pretty darn cool -- I was so excited when it bloomed.