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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Local Yarn Store

We received a flyer in the mail this week, and since it relates to something that people have asked me about, I thought I'd post the information here.

Norma's Notions
14A Lawrence Plain Road
Rt 47, Hadley, MA

According to the website and the flyer, Norma's Notions has yarn, knitting accessories, books, cross stitch kits and supplies, craft paint and brushes, fat quarters, and handmade items ready for purchase.

There's also a social knitting group that meets on Tuesday nights -- and knitting classes on Thursday nights beginning in September.  You can check the website for more information, but information doesn't seem to get updated regularly.

I haven't visited this local family-owned craft & yarn store yet, but after my first visit to Webs in Northampton on Friday, I'm very curious about Norma's.

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